12 Terrifying Horror Movie Families To Spend Thanksgiving With


12 Terrifying Horror Movie Families To Spend Thanksgiving With

There are lots of families in horror movies, and we’ve picked the scariest.

Top 12 Christmas Horror Movies of All Time | A CineFix Movie List

The holidays are upon us so ‘tis the season for slashers, demons and french extremity cinema! Call it the ultimate counterprogramming, but there has long been a thriving subgenre in which yuletide cheer collides violently with horror tropes. So from our CineFix family to yours in this merry time of year, please enjoy the Top 12 Christmas Horror Movies of All Time!

What’s great about this particular little corner of the genre is that for every type of Christmas movie, there’s a Christmas horror answer for it. From classic slasher films like Black Christmas, to Home Alone impersonators, evil Santa Claus and all the way to creature features like Krampus and Gremlins, Christmas Horror cinema has it all. And because there are 12 Days of Christmas, we tacked on 2 extra picks to our usual 10!

Our Picks:

12 – Home Alone, But Horror – Deadly Games (1989) dir. René Manzor
11 – Religious Horror – The Day of the Beast (1995) dir. Álex de la Iglesia
10 – Christmas Horror Remake – Silent Night (2012) dir. Steven C. Miller
9 – Child’s Play Knockoff – Jack Frost (1997) dir. Michael Cooney
8 – The Ruined Dinner Party – Silent Night (2021) dir. Camille Griffin
7 – Christmas Horror Anthology – A Christmas Horror Story (2015) dir. Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban, Brett Sullivan
6 – Feel-Bad Christmas – Inside (2007) dir. Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury
5 – Horror Musical – Anna and the Apocalypse (2017) dir. John McPhail
4 – Best Krampus Movie – Krampus (2015) dir. Michael Dougherty
3 – Animated Christmas Horror – The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) dir. Henry Selick
2 – Christmas Slasher – Black Christmas (1974) dir. Bob Clark
1 – Christmas Creature Feature – Gremlins (1984) dir. Joe Dante

This video was written by Matt Donato and edited by Justin Donaldson with graphics and animation by Casey Redmon.

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12 Uncensored and Unsettling 70’s Forgotten Horror Movie Gems Explored in Detail

The 1970s remain a ‘Golden Age’ for a lot many reasons. This decade gave us both vinyls and cassettes, disco music, and a plethora of new generation horror films. Marked by memorable events like the break up of The Beatles, the death of Elvis, political scandals, and street protests, novelist Tom Wolfe rightly termed the time as the ‘Me Decade’, given the heavy shift of public ideology from communitarianism to individualism. Although American horror films ruled this decade, movies all around the world introduced a modern-age influence showcasing to the world that horror movies can be artistic. Although it was clear that 60s horror played a significant role in shaping the releases of the 70s, the latter gave us truly iconic films we cannot forget. Prepare for jumpscares: FNaF movie is here! 👀🎞️ Click to watch now.

At the top of these films stand the likes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), The Amityville Horror (1979), Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises and the start of many years that would revere Stephen King as the one true pioneer of horror. Themes of insanity, children possessed or influenced by the Devil, supernatural forces and telepathy became very common and were stimulating for fans who enjoyed a good scare. According to Peter Vronsky, a criminal justice lawyer, most serial killings started in the beginning of the 70s and lasted till about the late 90s. This heavily impacted the films that were released in the time being as slasher horror was a subgenre that gained immense popularity.
Despite people’s peaked interest in the genre during this time, there were some gems that went unnoticed and today we will be recalling some of those forgotten horror films that made the 70s the thrill that they were.

0:00 Intro
2:38 The Creeping Flesh (1973)
6:04 Deranged (1974)
9:15 Stranger in Our House
12:33 Sisters (1972)
16:16 Willard (1971)
19:24 Vampyres (1974)
21:54 Fascination (1979)
24:07 The Legend of Hell House (1973)
27:23 House (1977)
30:05 Tourist Trap (1979)
33:08 The Manitou (1978)
35:54 The Shout (1978)

3 Terrifying Thanksgiving Horror Stories Animated

3 Terrifying Thanksgiving Horror Stories Animated

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These are thanksgiving horror stories. Do enjoy and leave a like.

Story 3 & 2 written by Aritri
Story 1 written by Gustavo

Top 12 Horror Made-For-TV Movies/Series – A Must-Watch List For Every Horror Fan!

There had been a gradual change in the television landscape through the 70s and 80s. This prompted numerous TV movies to find their way to the audiences, and horror flicks were no exception. However, despite the popularity of such movies, there were certain drawbacks that gave these films a bad reputation. Firstly, the budget for TV movies could never match up to the ones with high production values. Secondly, strict censoring and random commercial breaks sometimes ruined the mood for the viewer.

Even with such handicaps, TV movies flourished, and these actually became an option for the viewers to stay home and get entertained. At times these movies even starred mainstream actors, and ever since Dan Curtis showed the way with his gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, horror became a mainstay of TV flicks. In this video, we have grouped together a list of twelve such made-for-TV flicks that can give the mainstream movies a run for their money!