New World Passes 900,000 Concurrent Players On Steam


New World Passes 900,000 Concurrent Players On Steam

Amazon’s PC MMO continues to soar to new heights.

Top 15 Steam Games by Daily Player Count (2015-2018)

The ranking video compare steam games by daily peak player count.


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“Hot Pursuit” Kevin MacLeod (
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Destiny 2 Surpasses 200K Concurrent Players On Steam Launch | The Jampack Report 10.02.19

Between the launch of its new expansion, Shadowkeep, its free-to-play version, New Light, and the transition of the PC version of the game to Steam, Destiny 2 hit over 200K concurrent players, effectively blowing Warframe’s previous peak player count out of the water.

Here are today’s stories:

– In one hour, Destiny 2 matched Warframe’s all-time peak player count on Steam

– Fortnite US July revenues down 52% year-over-year

– PS Now Prices Permanently Dropped Worldwide, Game Rotation to Add New Blockbusters Every Month

– Sony’s PS4 Cross-Play Program Has Reportedly Moved Out of Beta

– Fallout Legacy Collection is coming later this month, according to Amazon &utm_medium=social &utm_source=twitter &utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw

– New Xbox Game Pass Games Announced For Xbox One

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Lost Ark Hits #2 Concurrent Players of All Time on Steam!

While the game has been out in other regions for some time, Lost Ark has made a huge splash in NA, EU, and Latin America, as the MMO soars to the #2 spot above titles like CS:GO and Dota 2 for Concurrent Users. With the game ranking rather high on number of streamers dedicated to it and hours streamed on twitch being rather impressive, no doubt we’ll be seeing plenty more of this title. Explore the thrilling world of amongus online – play today!



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Steam Most Concurrent Players Game Ranking 2012-2019

Steam Most Concurrent Users Game Ranking 2012-2019 by Gaming Turtle.

Numbers are represented in peak concurrent players.

Data Source:

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