Street Fighter 5: Capcom Explains Ken’s New Look


Street Fighter 5: Capcom Explains Ken’s New Look

Capcom talks about why it changed Ken’s look and moveset for the upcoming fighting game.

6 Hidden Mechanics in Street Fighter 6 You MUST Learn

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Today we’re taking a deep dive on some of the new and changed mechanics in Street Fighter 6! For the characters we’ve seen so far like Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, and Juri, the new Drive system as well as the changes to existing mechanics like punish and counter hits have REALLY changed up the way Street Fighter is played. I’m reviewing some match footage and pointing out the important things you’ll need to know to get ready to play the game in the beta, or the final release! Enjoy!

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You already know Ken is my FAVORITE character in Street Fighter V! So now that we got more gameplay footage of him in Street Fighter 6, you know I gotta do a Punk Reacts to it. Let’s watch how he plays and see how new or familiar he is in this game!

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Capcom’s latest entry in the iconic Street Fighter franchise is Street Fighter V! This 5th iteration has tons of fighters from past entries such as Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Guile – and more. Most recently, the latest patch of the game introduces Akira and Oro to the game, with Luke coming soon. SF5 is available on both Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4 (PS4).

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Did Capcom reveal most of its Street Fighter 6 roster? And nerfed Ken’s life?

Our own fighting game expert Jonathan “Mr Toffee” Leo talks about the recent Capcom Street Fighter 6 character leaks, Ken’s new backstory, Cammy’s pants, and other stuff he missed in the previous video.

0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Look how they massacred my boy
1:30 – Cammy White and the case of her new clothes
2:04 – World Warriors
2:34 – The new characters that aren’t revealed officially yet
4:49 – The game’s HUD, SF6 is multiplatform
5:51 – Lots more questions


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Capcom REVEALS Ken’s BACKSTORY in Street Fighter 6!

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Ken Masters certainly looks different than when we last saw him in Street Fighter 5…What happened? Well, Capcom is giving us some direct information from the official Street Fighter 6 Website!

Did Ken Scam people with his NFTs?

Official SF6 Main Theme “Not on The Sidelines” Music Video:
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