Often times you will hear on Christian radio, preachers and teachers referring to – “the
promises of God’s word”. Or some well known Evangelist on TV will declare – “the Bible says”.
Or in Evangelical churches around the country, a popular pastor may talk about: “God’s
word”. Or Christianbooks, pamphlets, and magazines may emphasize the “importance of
the Scriptures”.
A Christian’s faith is founded on “the Scripture of truth”; and our confidence is in the
truthfulness and trustworthiness of the Holy Bible being pure and without admixture of error.
Christians should be a people of “THE BOOK”. Because this is so – the first question that
comes to the mind of a thinking person is: WHAT IS GOD’S WORD?
One of the most important issues amongst saved people today is: Do we have a Holy Bible? Or
just a “book” that:
Contains God’s word.
Is God’s word except - this word or that verse, etc.
Is “credible” and “reliable” - but certainly Not “HOLY”!
The KING JAMES BIBLE Believers Forum & Symposium is dedicated to the proposition that
the King James Bible (formerly known as the “Authorized Version” i.e. the AV1611) is God’s
Holy word: Preserved perfect, without error - Holy, inspired, and infallible – exactly as God
would have it.
The issue of "Which Bible", if any, constitutes the word of God is a very controversial subject.
Personal Bias and Prejudice are very difficult to set aside, especially when a person’s religion
or personal belief is involved. However, we believe that the TRUTH can always stand an open
inquiry and that no one should be afraid to have their beliefs examined unless they are unsure
of what they believe.
If you are unfamiliar with the Bible; If you do not know much about Church History; If you
have never studied the History of the Transmission of the Text of the Bible; If you are not
familiar with the so called “science” of Textual Criticism; If you have never examined, weighed
and carefully investigated New Testament Manuscript evidence; and If you have never made a
comparative study of Bible Translations, you may be a target for misinformation, propaganda,
deception and lies. Be extra careful about what you accept as TRUTH! Take the time to “Check
Out” every thing you hear or read. And make sure of the PEOPLE (teachers, professors,
friends, relatives and loved ones) and the INSTITUTIONS (schools, colleges, universities
“Christian” or not, churches, fellowships etc.) that you put your trust in.
There are many questions concerning the “Which Bible” issue. All Christians should know which
Bible is God’s Holy word. The question for modern day Christians is - are we going to trust today’s
scholars and scribes to give us a HOLY Bible? Or are we going to trust God? Do we believe what God
has said about His word, or do we reject His words and ignore them?
A careful review of the Bible on the subject of It’s Own Authority reveals that the Bible should
be the Sole Source of AUTHORITY on all matters of faith and practice for the Christian. With
the exception of God Himself, a Christian should place nothing above the Bible nor should the
Bible be put in subjection to the Christian’s own culture, prejudices and biases. No church; no
group; no “fellowship”; no ecclesiastical organization; no government; no school or university;
no man or movement should be placed above the Bible.
Ultimately the “Which Bible” question come down to the issue of FINAL AUTHORITY. What is a
Christian’s “FINAL AUTHORITY” – is it a church, a school, a “Christian” Institution; or is it a
man (a pastor, a “Dr.”, a “Christian” celebrity, etc.), or one of the numerous “modern 
versions” that have flooded the “Market” in the last few years? WHAT is your “FINAL
AUTHORITY” in all matters of faith and practice?
We believe in, and recognize the KING JAMES BIBLE (AV1611) as being our “FINAL
AUTHORITY” in all matters of faith and practice, and we dedicate this site to the preaching,
teaching, and propagation of God’s Holy words found within the King James Bible, and to
Almighty God, the Author of all Holy Scripture.
All of the articles found on kingjamesbiblebelievers.com are free to distribute providing no “changes” are made the to text of the articles.